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You are probably wondering what this is all about.
Well, grab a glass of your favorite beverage and let us regale you with the story of the VOWeeklyWorkout

-Tim, Jay, Rebecca and Jenn

First and foremost, we have created this for YOU. For every voice actor, union, non union, fi-core, beginner, pro. Everyone. This isn't run by an organization, this can't be bought out, this doesn't exist to fill the pockets of anyone. This was made by four people, just like you. 


If you are here solely for the possibility of employment or an agent, then please look elsewhere for a weekly workout. With a "bettering myself" attitude and point of view, you will go very far in this world. Be the best you. Try not to always be looking for open doors. They will open for you at the right time and usually when you aren't looking.

Is that to say it isn't possible here? Nope, it could indeed happen. Just don't get your hopes up and focus on working out your VO Muscles instead. 

*If you'd like to see how at all works, just watch the video in the FAQ section!


Who are we? 

Tim Friedlander: Voice talent, founder of the Gardner St. Workout groups, co-founder of the Gardner | Collective Workout group, owner and operator of soundBOX:LA & co-publisher of The Voice Over Resource Guide.

Jay Preston: Voice Talent, founder of the Voiceover Collective, co-founder of the Gardner | Collective Workout group, Creative director & co-publisher of The Voice Over Resource Guide.

Jenn Wong: Voice Talent, Web Master

Rebecca Davis: Voice Talent, Woman in Animation show runner

About Us


The VO Weekly Workout is an important aspect of Voice Over. There is incredible knowledge to be gained by:

  • Hearing your peers do what THEY do

  • Getting feedback from casting directors and agents

  • Hearing what other people's home recording studio's sound like compared to your own

  • Practicing what you are good at

  • Figuring- out what areas of voice over you need work in

  • Trying out areas of VO that you've never had the chance to. 


Many of us, especially in LA, are part of some sort of weekly workout group. It's a not-so-expensive way to REALLY hone your craft. Voice Over Workshops, VO Intensive weekends, Voice Over Conferences, and Coaches are all wonderful and invaluable to all of us. But they can become expensive. A workout group has always been a consistent, valuable way to stay at the top of your game in between all the other forms of great education out there.

Why did we put this together?

Well, we decided a few years ago to try and figure out a way to bring what we do in our workout groups every week to everyone everywhere. In light of recent (August 2017) events in the VO industry, we decided to expedite what was already in motion. We noticed a huge gap was created, and we had just the thing to fill it. We acquired and wanted to get it into your ... er, mouths, as quickly as possible.

So please bear with us as we continually update, fix and improve what you now see. We always welcome feedback and suggestions, and will do our best to make this as beneficial to everyone as we know it can be. 


Again, we all would not be where we are today, and would not be continually honing our skill set and voice strength, if it were not for an affordable platform to practice our craft and let our voices be heard. There will be other platforms, we are sure, but we hope you enjoy this one!  We have realized that, together with help from the community, we can bring this incredible weekly opportunity to everyone! WHO are we WORKING(out) WITH!? 

This will not be ONLY agents and casting directors. Every week we will have a different workout guest from all aspects of the voice over industry!

Including, but not limited to:


  • Top of their game Voice Actors (Some would call them celebrities)

  • Voice Coaches - (Narration, Promo, Commercial etc)

  • Producers

  • Casting Directors

  • Voice Directors - (Video Games, TV, Animation etc)

  • Agents - (US, Canada, Europe)

  • Tech Guru's - working out your post auditioning skills.

There are so many ways to learn and so many people to learn from. To become a better voice actor, you need to learn what you can from everyone! You never know where that golden nugget of information that sets you in motion will come from!

Things to keep in mind


  • This is NOT a place to get a new agent.

  • Casting opportunities DO NOT exist here. 

  • This is 100% a WORKOUT GROUP

  • Will agents get a chance to hear your voice?: YES

  • Will casting directors get a chance to hear your voice?: YES

  • Will you get an agent or a job out of a weekly workout session?: We have no idea, but probably not. 

Look at the weekly workout, as a place you can come to; 

  • HONE your craft

  • Get ADVICE on your delivery

  • LEARN from others

  • Get advice on your HOME SET UP

  • TRY new things

  • Be a part of the COMMUNITY


Workout Info: 

  • All workouts limited to 50 participants for VOWW and 10 participants for VOWW+

    • Both VOWW and VOWW+ participants submit their recording for feedback from the guest.


VOWW+ Participants will also have feedback from the guest via LIVE Zoom
. All VOWW Participants are welcome to audit,
 however only those who signed up for VOWW+
 will receive LIVE feedback


  • Smaller workouts allow guests to provide more detailed feedback.

  • No monthly commitment or membership fees.  Sign up for the workouts that are most relevant to you and your career.

  • All workout audio and feedback will be downloadable and archived. Return at anytime to see how your reads and feedback have changed over time.

  • Multiple genres of VO workouts will be offered

    • Commercial, Promo, Animation, Video Games, Audiobooks, etc. 

Thank you and we can’t wait to HEAR you in the workout!!

Tim, Jay, Rebecca and Jenn

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