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VO Weekly Workout is a joint venture between voice actors Tim Friedlander of the Gardner | Collective Workout Groups, Jay Preston founder of the Voice Over Collective, and the legendary (taken too soon from us) voice actor and VO Educator Brad Venable.

In 2014, Tim Friedlander founded the Gardner St. Workout group at his studio, soundBOX:LA, in Hollywood. In 2015, Jay and Tim partnered to create the Gardner | Collective Workouts (G|C Workout), a weekly guest director series featuring some of the best VO educators in the business. In 2016, Brad joined the LA voice over community as an invaluable voice talent and teacher. On January 07th 2021 we unfortunately lost Brad to COVID-19. This was devastating to us and the vo community. After 6 months of silence, sadness and mourning we asked two more incredible voice actors and leaders Jenn Wong & Rebecca Davis to help us continue offering this amazing service to our friends and community. This is too imprortant to give up on and Brad would want us to keep going.

We are pleased to welcome you to

VO Weekly Workout partners with guest directors to help further voice actors education. Participation in the weekly workout does not guarantee representation or work. 
















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