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HOW IT WORKS in 5 simple steps!
Frequently Asked (and answered) Questions



1-Sign up or login to become a MEMBER of the VO Weekly Workout.
   (Sign up/login button is at the top left of the screen)

2- You can sign in with FACEBOOK or GOOGLE.  You can also create a new account using your email address.  

PLEASE NOTE:  Becoming a MEMBER gives you access to all areas of the site EXCEPT the paid workout section.  Each workout will have a PDF with submission information that is unique to that workout. The PDF will be provided to you after paying for the workout. 



1-Visit the HOME PAGE page or click on any SIGN UP NOW button

2- You will be taken to a PAYMENT page where you can pay with PayPal or Credit Card

3-AFTER paying, you will be redirected back to the VO Weekly Workout site to complete your checkout.

You will also receive an email receipt with the DOWNLOAD LINK at the bottom of the email next to the photo of the guest. 


The PDF you receive after paying will include links to download copy as well as instructions on naming, slating, and where to upload your files.

If it is a VOWW+ workout, everyone will be emailed a Zoom Link prior to the scheduled Zoom. If you purchased VOWW+, you will participate in the Zoom, and those who chose VOWW will be able to audit that session.

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All feedback can be found on the PAST page.

All workouts will be archived.  Come back at anytime and check out any past workout!


1. WORKOUT OPENS and links will be posted on FRIDAY or SATURDAY.

2. SUBMISSIONS will be due by MIDNIGHT PST the following THURSDAY.

3. FEEDBACK will be posted at the end of the week after the workout closes. 
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And if that wasn't enough...

Thanks to the Halp Network Entertainment Academy, Jay got a chance to host a free webinar about getting the most out of Weekly VO Workouts. All the tips and tricks that can turn your $20 workshop into a wealth of invaluable information. He also goes through exactly how to sign up, what happens after you sign up and what he does every time. Enjoy!

The FAQ Sheet 


Q • What is the difference between VOWW & VOWW+

The VOWW is the original format Limited to 50 participants. Cost to talent is $20 to participate. The guest director provides copy, talent then has one week to submit their read or reads based on the guest director instructions. The guest director will then have one week to provides either written or oral/recorded feedback.

• The VOWW+ option is brand new and everything above is exactly the same for the $20 paying participants. HOWEVER, there is an additional 10 spots for $40 each. Those participants will be treated to a live zoom feedback session with the guest director and may be offered direction for a live re-read of the copy. The Zoom session will be open to all talent who sign up to observe, but live feedback will be given only to the 10 VOWW+ participants.  This will be a first-to-opt-in, first-to-get-in optional addition to the workshop and will up to the guest if they would like to add this. This isn't mandatory and it will only be offered if the guest director chooses this option. 

Q • Why are only 50 participants allowed instead of 100?

A When first we started this, it was set at a 100 participant max. This proved to be too time consuming for the guest directors and we also only ever hit that mark once in all the years. Congrats Scott Parkin for holding that achievement! We've decided 50 people will be more beneficial for the participants and the guest directors. We are also able to get more directors interested with a smaller participant base.

Q • Why did the price increase to $20?

A With only 50 participants, guest directors have more time to spend on their critique. We also wanted to pay the guest directors fairly for their time regardless of participants joining the workshop. This price increase is still an incredible value. We hope this will result in less cancelations and more drive. No monthly commitment or membership fees.  Talent can sign up for the workouts that are most relevant to them and their career.
All workout audio and feedback will be downloadable and archived. Talent can return at any time to see how their reads and feedback have changed over time. 
Multiple genres of VO workouts will be offered:  Commercial, Promo, Animation, Video Games, Audiobooks, etc. 

Q • Why do you post everyone's audio and feedback?

A A piece of copy in any genre can be read 1,000's of ways. In the real world you are auditioning against 100's of other actors never knowing really what you are up against. The VOWW is an incredible behind the scenes look into what other actors are doing with the same piece of copy. How other home studio's sound compared to yours. What feedback would look like depending on how any performance is delivered.  It can be eye opening, well EAR opening in many ways for the participants who take the time to delve into all the reads and feedback and not just their own. 

More Questions & Answers will be added.

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